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Metal X Referral Program

To make your Metal X experience more rewarding, we decided to share the revenue with our users, since we believe that sharing is caring! We’re rewarding you and your friends for joining and trading on Metal X! 

First, we’ll explain the referral program then go over steps on how to share and claim a code.

Let us explain how the Metal X referral program works:

When you register on Metal X and upgrade your account to Tier B or higher, you become eligible to receive a 45% commission on the trading fees that your referrals have paid on Metal X. 

Likewise, when your friends register on Metal X and upgrade their account to Tier B, they will have the opportunity to share their referral code with their friends and be eligible to receive 45% commission on the trading fees that their friends pay on Metal X. 

If you register on Metal X and don’t upgrade your account to Tier B, then you won’t be eligible to receive any commissions. Upgrading your account is a must to receive commissions.

All commissions are paid out automatically every hour and become available in the Wallets section of Metal X. If your friend made a trade at 2:30 PM, for example, you will receive the commission during the next hour, by 3:30 PM at the latest.

Let’s give you an example: You referred Mike, he upgraded his account to Tier B and made his first trade. He spent 4 MTL on trading fees, so you’ll then receive 1.8 MTL as a 45% commission. 

45% commissions are for a limited time only!

Everyone who signs up on Metal X or was referred and upgraded their account to Tier B betwee June 25 - July 10, 2020 will have a 45% commissioned referral code for life, and is considered an early adopter. The commission percentage will decrease when the early adopter period ends on July 10, 2020.

How to share your Metal X referral code

Important Notice:

Distributing referral codes via paid advertising and other artificial promotional activities using keywords associated with ‘Metal X’ is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to deactivate referral codes associated with referrers who engage in prohibited activities in our sole discretion. Additional actions that we may take include, but is not limited to, cancelling or reversing referral payments, and closing the associated user accounts.

We regularly monitor for accounts that appear to be duplicated or faked; accounts that fail to meet our guidelines are not eligible for referral bonuses. Accounts that are created using duplicated financial information will also be disqualified from our referral system. Thus we cannot guarantee a referral payment to every account created on Metal X.

Our referral program is subject to change at any time for any reason. By participating in our referral program you are accepting these terms and conditions and acknowledge that you are not guaranteed a referral payment.

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