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Metal X Trading Fee Structure and Schedule

Metal X Fees
Buy (“bid”) or Sell (“ask”) orders placed via our Metal X interface (each, an “Order”) are subject to the rates on this schedule. Metal X determines trading fees for all Orders using a maker-taker fee model. Liquidity-taking Order fees are different than liquidity-making Order fee.
If you place a Market or a Limit Order that is filled immediately, this Order takes liquidity from the marketplace. Therefore, you are considered a taker and will be charged a taker fee. If you place a Limit Order that is not filled immediately, but instead rests on the order book, your Order adds liquidity to the marketplace and, therefore, you are considered a maker and will be charged a maker fee. One Order could be subject to both maker and taker fees. If you place a Limit Order that is partially filled immediately, you will be charged a taker fee on the filled portion. With the remainder of your Order resting on the order book, you will be charged a maker fee if/when it is filled.
Metal X Trading Fee Schedule
Your fee rate for all Metal X trading pairs is determined by your tier status. Tier rankings are from 1x-10x and based on 30 day rolling trading volumes per customer. Your fee rate will be recalculated every day at midnight UTC (4 pm PST / 5 pm PDT) and applied to all Orders going forward from that time.
Metal X Trading Fee Schedule

A negative (-) fee denotes a rebate

Metal X Withdrawal Fees
To Withdraw Crypto from Metal X, users incur network & handling charges in the form of Withdrawal Fees. These fees are subject to change at any time due to network conditions.
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